Discussion Paper New Series

No. 著者 タ イ ト ル 発行年月
2019-3 Motonori Yoshida Is Japanese Public-Sector Finance Sustainable? Oct-2019
2019-2 吉川丈・髭白晃宜 軌道法が適用される事業者の効率性分析 Mar-2019
2019-1 Takeshi Yoshikawa Free Entry into a Co-opetitive Mixed Oligopoly Mar-2019
2018-3 Minoru Tachibana Safe haven government bonds: Identification using a regime-switching copula model Nov-2018
2018-2 Motonori Yoshida Is Japanese Local-Government Fiscal Management Sustainable? July-2018
2018-1 Tomohiko Noda Union voice, workplace trust, and job satisfaction Mar-2018
2017-4 Minoru Tachibana Relationship between stock and currency markets conditional on the US stock returns: A vine copula approach Dec-2017
2017-3 Vladyslav Nora and Hiroshi Uno When Conflict Pays: Networks of Neighbors and Enemies Mar-2017
2017-2 Chi Han Do Residential Supply Shocks Matter to Residential Price Movements in China?Evidence from an Estimated Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model Mar-2017
2017-1 Minoru Tachibana Safe Haven and Hedge Currencies for the US, UK, and Euro Area Stock Markets: A Copula-Based Approach Mar-2017
2016-7 谷垣 雅之・加藤 真也 移住者誘致による地域経済効果に関する考察 ー徳島県神山町サテライトオフィスプロジェクトを事例として― Nov-2016
2016-6 谷垣 雅之 消滅可能性都市への移住者誘因に関する計量分析 Oct-2016
2016-5 Tatsuhiro Shichijo, Emiko Fukuda Equal cost sharing for the good with network externalities May-2016
2016-4 吉田 素教 政令指定都市と中核市財政の持続可能性 Apr-2016
2016-3 Tomohiko Noda Enterprise Unions and Trustful Industrial Relations in Japan Mar-2016
2016-2 立花 実・井上 仁・本多 佑三 量的緩和策の銀行貸出への効果 Mar-2016
2016-1 Hiroshi Uno Hierarchical Adaptations Mar-2016
2015-7 Yoshinao Sahashi Interval Dependent Preferences in the Random Matching Economy Nov-2015
2015-6 Yuji Nakayama, Motonari Kurasawa, Tatsuhiko Nariu When Is Dynamic Pricing Profitable for a Seller in the
Presence of Strategic Consumers?
A Re-examination of Cachon and Swinney (2009)
2015-5 Shigeki Kano Moment-based Specification Tests for Random Effects Dynamic Probit Models Mar-15
2015-4 Tomohiko NODA Role of Unions in Trust Formation in Japan Mar-15
2015-3 Minoru Tachibana Comparing the Macroeconomic Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy in Japan Mar-15
2015-2 Masashi KONDO A study of the methodology of Arthur Lyon Bowley and Alfred Marshall Mar-15
2015-1 Motonori Yoshida Is Direct Underwriting of Public Bonds by the Central Bank an Effective Policy in Japan? Feb-15
2013-6 Shigeki Kano Nonlinear Simultaneous Equations Approach for Panel Markov Dynamic Probit Models with Unrestricted Error Covariance Sep-13
2013-5 Yasutomo Murasawa Bayesian Estimation of the Monthly Natural Rates,Gaps, and Real GDP with Mixed-Frequency Series Apr-13
2013-4 Yuji Nakayama Opening a Direct Digital Channel: the Impact of Versioning on the Physical Product Market with Heterogeneous Retailers Mar-13
2013-3 近藤 真司 アーサー・レオン・ボウレイの統計学方法論-マーシャルの方法論の影響を中心にして- Feb-13
2013-2 Chi Han , Katsuhiro Miyamoto Does the Monetary Policy Rule under Asymmetric Preferences Stimulate China’s Inflation to Be More Fluctuated? Feb-13
2013-1 Tomohiko Noda and Daisuke Hirano The Effects of Inside Stakeholders on the Timing of Downsizing in Japanese Firms Revised Version Jan-13
2012-1 Minoru Tachibana Policy Responses under Inflation Targeting:A VAR Analysis with Sign Restrictions Feb-12
2011-4 Chi Han , Katsuhiro Miyamoto China’s Monetary Policy Rules and the Stability of Inflation Sep-11
2011-3 Tomohiko Noda The Determinants in the Timing of Downsizing in Large Japanese Firms Jun-11
2011-2 Tomohiko Noda The Unions’ Effects on Downsizing and Top Executives in Japan Jun-11
2011-1 Tomohiko Noda and Daisuke Hirano The Effects of Inside Stakeholders on the Timing of Downsizing in Japanese Firms Jun-11
2010-3 Motonori Yoshida Productive Efficiency and Production Factors Redundancy on Manufacturing Industries in Japan Mar-11
2010-2 北居 明・三島 裕貴 時間の奥行きと目標志向性が進路決定の自己効力感に及ぼす影響 Feb-11
2010-1 MATSUKAWA Shigeru,Kumiko OKAMURA And Atsuhiro TAKI Discretion in a Neoclassical Phillips Curve Model:An Explanation of Asymmetric Effects of Inflation Targeting* Jul-10
2009-7 Motonori Yoshida Determinants Analysis of the Out-migration between Prefecture in Japan:From Socio-economic and Local Administration and Finance Standpoints Mar-10
2009-6 Hajime Kobayashi and Katsunori Ohta Optimal Collusion under Imparfect Monitoring in Multimarket Contact Dec-09
2009-5 Hideki Nishioka A Reconsideratioin of the Dynamic Laffer Curvein a Two-Sector Model of Endogenous Growth Nov-09
2009-4 Yasutomo Murasawa Measuring Inflation Expectations Using Interval-Coded Data Nov-09
2009-3 Masashi Kondou Layton on Industrial and Applied Economics Nov-09
2009-2 Akira Momota The Nonstraightforward Relationship between Population Growth and Economic Welfare in a Neoclassical Growth Model- Oct-09
2009-1 七條 達弘 電気自動車普及に関する一考察 Oct-09
2008-5 Tomohiko Noda and Hisashi Okamoto The Determinants in the Timing of Downsizing in Large Japanese Films Feb-09
2008-4 北居 明・田中 雅子 理念の浸透方法と浸透度の定量的分析1 -定着化と内面化- Feb-09
2008-3 MATSUKAWA Shigeru,Kumiko OKAMURA And Atsuhiro TAKI Two Types of Discretin:Monetary Policy bofore 1979 and in the Greenspan Era Mar-09
2008-2 七條 達弘 Evolution of payoff-dependent Preferences Dec-08
2008-1 近藤 真司 ウォルター・レイトンの社会哲学 Jul-08
2007-6 松川 滋 Technical Appendix to Simple Recipe for Monetarists from Deflationary Activists Dec-07
2007-5 村澤 康友 Measuring the Natural Rates,Gaps,and Deviation Cycles Oct-07
2007-4 吉田 素教 Industrial Efficiency Evaluation and Improvement Measures of Regional Economy with Estimation of Industrial Production Function and DEA Method – In osaka Economy as an Example – Nov-07
2007-3 鹿野 繁樹・村澤 康友 経済学の成績に対する数学学習の効果 Sep-07
2007-2 近藤 真司 ケンブリッジ学派におけるウォルター・レイトン -『物価研究入門』(初版)を中心として- Aug-07
2007-1 Wataru KUREISHI Midori WAKABAYASHI Son Preference and Fertility in Japan May-07
2006-3 Wataru KUREISHI Midori WAKABAYASHI When Does the Stork Bring the Baby? -Shotgun Babies vs. Non-Shotgun Babies- Jan-07
2006-2 北居 明・田中 雅子 理念の浸透方法が及ぼす影響に対するコミットメントの媒介・仲介効果 Oct-06
2006-1 Wataru KUREISHI Midori WAKABAYASHI Geography of the Family in Japan Jul-06
2005-5 Midori Wakabayashi In the Eldest Son Different?The Residential Choice of Siblings of Japan Mar-06
2005-4 木村 真・吉田 素教 三位一体改革による財政への影響と効果(改革期間:平成16~21年度) Sep-05
2005-3 Akira Momota A Population-Macroeconomic Growth Model for Developing Countries: Towards the Achivement of Development Goals Jul-05
2005-2 Shigeki Kano English Divide Has Begun: Estimating Causal Effects of English Proficiency on Earnings for Japanese Domestic Workers Apr-05
2005-1 Yasutomo Murasawa Do Coincident Indicators Have One-Factor Structure? Mar-05
2004-6 Roberto S. Mariano and Yasutomo Murasawa Constructing a Coincident Index of Business Cycles Without Assuming a One-Factor Model Oct-04
2004-5 Hajime Kobayashi and Katsunori Ohta The Value of Imformation in Multimarket Contact Oct-04
2004-4 木村 真・吉田 素教 三位一体改革のシュミレーション方法について Oct-04
2004-3 Hajime Kobayashi Folk Theorem for Infinitely Repeated Games Played by Organizations with Short-Lived Members Jul-04
2004-2 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Chin Han The Development of Private Enterprises and the Struggle for Existence of State-owned Enterprises in a Transition Economy Mar-04
2004-1 吉田 素教 足許の社会移動動向を反映した大阪府将来人口の推計‐平成12(2000)~42(2030)年‐ Apr-04
2003-3 吉田 素教 基準財政需要の見直しによる地方交付税、国庫支出金への影響と各地方自治体財政へのインパクトについて May-03
2003-2 Yasutomo Murasawa Statistical Foundation of the Composite Index Apr-03
2003-1 加護野 忠男・吉村 典久・上野恭裕 日本企業の株式所有構造と経営者の属性-主要証券取引所に上場する全「製造」企業および「商業」に分類される企業にかんする実証分析- Mar-03
2002-3 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Huangjin Liu Difference and Convergence of Productivity Across China Provinces for Every Industry Nov-02
2002-2 七條 達弘・小林 創 調整ゲームにおけるパレート最適な状態の実現方法-りんくうタウンの土地売却方法に関する一考察- Sep-02
2002-1 Yasutomo Murasawa and Kimio Morimune Statistical Inference for Generalized Lorenz Dominance Based on Grouped Data : A Reconsideration Sep-02
2001-3 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Chin Han Consumption, Asset Returns, and Capital Mobility Tests May-01
2001-2 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Chin Han International Capital Mobility in Asian Economies:Evidence from Panel Data May-01
2001-1 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Chin Han Capital Controls and Macroeconomic Policies after the Asian Currency Crisis in China Jan-01
2000-1 Jinping Yu Workers’incentives,Managers’Incentives and Productive Efficiency in China’s State-owned Enterprises Sep-00
1999-1 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Jinping Yu Macroeconomic Policy and Capital Accumulation in Transition Economies Aug-99
1998-3 駿河 輝和・稲村 哲也・エンク チュルン モンゴル国の市場移行過程における経済と企業 May-98
1998-2 音川 和久 偶発事象会計と株価形成-建設会社の債務保証のケース- Apr-98
1998-1 Masashi Kondou A composite Quasi-rent and Organic Growth on Marshall’s Economic Apr-98
1997-5 音川 和久 不良債権の会計情報と株価形成 Nov-97
1997-4 坂西 明子 市場構造とイノベーション:技術開発のゲーム-ライバルへの先制について- Oct-97
1997-3 Katsuhiro Miyamoto and Jinping Yu Economic Transration:Comparing China With Russia Jun-97
1997-2 松木 隆 クロスセクションデータを用いた都市化の実証分析 Apr-97
1997-1 松木 隆 中国におけるインフレーションの分析 Apr-97
1996-3 Gen’iti Suhama The Calculation of Exact Finite Sample Distribution for the OLS Estimater of the parameter in AR(1) Model with a Unit Root Oct-96
1996-2 駿河 輝和 日本の企業の雇用調整:企業利益と解雇 Oct-96
1996-1 近藤 真司 マーシャル経済学における進歩と自由 Jan-96
1994-5 駿河 輝和・橋本 圭司 教育水準労働者と資本の代替関係について:日本の製造業部門別の場合 Nov-94
1994-4 浅羽 良昌 小さな政府と経済発展 -アメリカの事例- Oct-94
1994-3 Nadezhda N.Mikheeva and Katsuhiro Miyamoto Economic Development of the Far Eastern Russia and International Relations with Asia Jul-94
1994-2 駿河 輝和 子供の費用の計測について:Equivalance Scale Jun-94
1994-1 Terukazu Suruga The Effect Computerization on Employment in Japanese Banking Jan-94