Economics is a social science that explores how individuals, businesses and government make their economic decisions and how their behaviors interact to determine the workings of economic systems. A knowledge of economics thus provides a person with a set of analytical tools that are of great use in pursuing private as well as public interests in a wide range of activities.

The teaching mission of the School of Economics at Osaka Prefecture University is to equip students with a sound and solid foundation for thinking logically about current economic issues and to prepare them for careers in a variety of areas including business firms, government agencies, and research activities. The faculty members of the School are also actively engaged in advancing the frontiers of the discipline by their participation in various fields of research.

The School offers two undergraduate degree programs, leading to an Economics major and a Business Administration major. Various courses related to the law are also available.

The Economics major provides a student with a theoretical background in microeconomics and macroeconomics and a foundation for quantitative analysis, which enables him/her to analyze and critically evaluate different topics relating to the economy of Japan and the World. Students majoring in Economics may select courses from a large variety of alternatives, that include economic policy, social policy, public finance, monetary economics, international economics, economic statistics and econometrics,the history of economic thought, and tax-related law.

The Business Administration major provides for an understanding of contemporary business issues with their entire complexity and diversity. Students majoring in Business Management may further expand their expertise by taking courses in management accounting, management information, marketing, company law and business law.

The School is proud of its outstanding quality of education reflected by the seminars held in small classes for students each year. In seminars, students are encouraged to actively participate through presentations and discussions. In particular, third and fourth year students, who are preparing a thesis as part of the requirements for the major, benefit from close advice from their instructors through Seminars for Advanced Studies, held each year in a class with up to ten students.

The School also offers graduate programs in Economics and Business Administration. The graduate courses are offered at two locations: The university main campus in Nakamozu and the satellite campus in Namba, Central Osaka. The Namba Satellite Program is a Part-time Extension Program for Career Advancement, and is designed for those who are actually pursuing a professional career and who also desire to advance their expertise further by integrating their business experience with theoretical offerings at the frontier of the economic discipline.